To Dominate A Slave As A Mistress – Feet or Intercourse

Slave Dominate Mistress
Slave Dominate Mistress

You are born to dominate and you get an incredible pleasure from obedience of your slave. But domination is a long-term process and you have to learn the details of the correct process. You need to know the psychology of a slave to dominate and enjoy him as a sex toy.

A highly dominated man starts to surrender himself to the power that he cannot resist. If you believe in your dominance completely, you will be able to enjoy dominating your slave.

The most crucial point : Do not play a dom , be a real dom to be able to control your slave. Apply strict discipline to your slave.

He will feel more and more scummy and admit your dominance as long as you humiliate him. If you treat him like a pet pet, he will start feeling like a pet soon. But even making him a pet will not satisfy you. You will ask your slave to be a very devoted pet and he will have to prove his devotion.

Being a mistress and freedom of using a slave as you wish is very arousing. You will be a more powerful mistress while you dominate. When your control is stronger, you will ask for more and when your dominance is stronger, he will get under your control more and more. This is a very exciting process for a mistress.

It will not be enough to humiliate him. He has to prove his obedience by being under your feet in a society. This will increase your pleasure. If you train your slave well, he will lay under your feet as a kind of reflex. He will need to present his deep submission to you to avoid punishment of his mistress. This will be the achievement of your training.


Of course you will have to use many methods and punishment to own a fully devoted sub. You will have to bind him, kick and humiliate him. First you can teach him to gratefully lick your feet to avoid punishment. This action gives a great pleasure to a mistress.

Just think about;

You tell him to clean your feet and watch him licking your feet like an ice cream obediently or you use him as a stool to rest your feet on. Sometimes you leave him in this position for hours. He will acknowledge your power by the time. If you wish so, you can train him like a pet.

Another training way is not to feed your sub. He will be so hungry that while he takes off your expensive high heel shoes, he will look at your feet as if he wants to eat. If you are a good mistress, even your shoes will be unattainable for him. Enjoy the view of your slave licking your shoes while he is craving with hunger. Hunger is a basic need and satisfaction of this need will be related to your feet by in the course of time. Your feet will be the objects of his appetite. He will feel grateful when you let him lick your feet. After watching him begging you can reward him. You can crumble a piece of bread under your feet and let him eat the crumbs on your sole as a reward.

His thankfulness will certainly arouse you. You must be so powerful and cool while he beseeches you. The power of dominance can make you crazy. When you start training your slave, you will begin to wonder the limits. You can play with him as you wish. He will only think about licking your feet whenever he requires food or anything and knows that he can get what he wants if only his mistress pities him. Like a baby, he sucks your toes and fulfills your commands. Just think about the pleasure you will get!

While you are sleeping, put your soles on his face, never let him sleep with you. If you do, all your training will be a waste of time. You must make him feel your absolute dominance and feel himself at the bottom. Don’t forget that discipline is one of the main rules.

Now you have a slave, a dog, a toy to play. Let your slave show his gratefulness, prove his devotion to his mistress. And don’t forget that this is only a little piece of absolute dominancy. There are many more things to do. Use your imagination while you train him and to find out the limits.